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Eleanora Ky

Managing Partner

Eleanora’s story is one of determination and success in the multifamily investment industry. Originally from South Korea, she arrived in the US with two suitcases and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and Graphic Design, as well as a Master’s degree in Christian Education from prestigious institutions. With a passion for real estate investing and a dedication to achieving superior outcomes, Eleanora has established herself as a highly sought-after professional in the industry, accumulating an impressive $130M in assets under management in her portfolio.

Based in North Dallas, Eleanora is a licensed commercial broker associate in the Texas area and a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Candidate. She brings over 17 years of Corporate America management experience to her role as a full-time, experienced, and accredited multifamily investor. Eleanora previously served leadership position at JC Penney headquarters.

As a General Partner, Eleanora has invested in over 970 doors and 4 triple-net commercial investments across four different states, exclusively focusing on multifamily real estate investments such as garden-style apartment complexes acquired with agency debt. Her extensive network of high-net-worth individuals provides her with access to capital to continue growing her portfolio.

Eleanora is a main figure at Sunberry Capital LLC, where she serves as a Joint Venture, General Partner, and Key Principal. The company has been investing in multifamily and commercial real estate since 2016, cementing Eleanora’s position as a respected and successful leader in the industry.

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